Sweet Stylish Accessories for Wearing, Carrying, and Organizing


You can have so much fun with stylish accessories for your sweet girl! In our Accessories section at Sweet Style Girls, we have assembled a variety of items that are practical must-haves, yet don’t give up anything on the “style” factor.


We think having fashionable bags and packs to carry things in is important, so we gave you a huge variety from which to choose. Backpacks hold more than just books and are easy to put on, which makes them an essential for carrying daily stuff. And, she must have a pretty lunch bag for school, field trips, or play dates.


But, if your little one is going somewhere overnight and needs more storage space, you’ll want to look at our duffel bags. We have overnighters and weekenders to give you a choice in sizes, as well as some duffel bags with rollers. All are covered in adorable, colorful prints.


Is a longer trip on the schedule? If so, you might need some stylish luggage on rollers for convenience.


She isn’t the only one who has stuff to carry. You do too! Our section of Totes + Bags has cute carriers for both of you. These are great for carrying whatever you need to the beach, pool, or wherever you’re going!


How about a messenger bag to keep her (and you) organized? We have messenger bags in different sizes that can hold laptops, tablets, and phones with waterproof linings and lots of pockets. These are great for school, weekends at the coffee shop, and weekend day trips!


If you’re looking for a cute blanket that can be monogrammed, you’ll find it here. These blankets make great gifts and can be purchased alone, but also coordinate with our bedding sets.


Hair accessories are “the thing” and we have plenty! You’ll find all kinds of cute headbands, crowns, party hats and bows as well as holders to keep the hair accessories organized.


Is your little one going to a sleepover or need a mat for a nap at school or home? Shop our selection for roll-up nap mats that can be easily carried and stored. They are also great used as starter sleeping bags. Many of the prints match those of our messenger bags for coordinating.


For sorting papers, pencils, school supplies, and even makeup, look in our Organizers section. Three zippered sections keep it all separated for school or travel. These come in colorful designs that match our messenger bags, backpacks, and nap mats.


We couldn’t forget shoes, could we? She’s a girl so she probably loves shoes! If you want frilly and pretty, or even a baby’s tennis shoe, look here.


To keep your sweet girl not only organized, but also stylish while at home or school, shop our accessories collection!