Let's Play

All the Essentials Your Sweet Style Girl Needs to Say

“Let’s Play!”


Sweet Style Girls online boutique has a collection of play items that foster creativity and cognitive development in a safe way. Our Let’s Play selections give you plenty of choices for your sweet girl to create, imagine, and explore!


In the Arts & Crafts section, you can set up her art space with tables and easels. Or, if she’s a budding little actress, check out our theaters. She can have so much fun with these!


Building blocks are great for developing her hand-eye coordination and capabilities. Our sets include different sizes and shapes.


Our Doll section has doll houses and a fun horse stable for play. And, our Dress Up section includes outfits for her to play hospital.


We have some really cute play gyms for your baby girl in the Play Mats section—these are so important for hand-eye development.


Check out our bears and elephant made of chenille in the Stuffed Animals section. These are so soft and cuddly, she’ll be holding onto these 24/7!


For loads of fun, shop our Tee Pees. What a great space for her to sit in and create her own little world full of imagination!


Be sure to come back often to see what’s new in the special things we’ve added For Play.